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The Chosen Few

Every Friday Evening 7:00pm

This group sets out to teach discipleship by focusing on the less often discussed facets of the Christian Life.  We will focus on finance, spiritual warfare, and the foundational principles of prayer.  Anyone is welcome to join, but this group will primarily focus on young people ages 18-30.

The Millennials Walk

Every Friday Evening 7:00pm

The Millennials Walk will focus on empowering, uplifting, and supporting one another as we all grow in Christ.  We will be focusing on how to apply weekly Sunday teachings to our lives, how to deal with worldly struggle, and to keep each other accountable. 

The Overcomer’s

Every Wednesday Evening @ 7:30pm

The Overcomer’s are a fun and informative Life Group focused on overcoming challenges and obstacles.  We will fellowship with each other over some good food while we spiritually feed on the Word of God!

Our meet-ups will be held at people’s homes, but we’ll also have sessions at restaurants, bowling alleys, and even movie theaters.

Quality Connections

Every Friday Evening @ 8:00pm

Quality Connections is a group of like-minded individuals, who are Christians seeking to make deeper connections surrounded by the Gospel, music, lifestyle, and building quality relationships with one another and around the world!

Table Talk

Every Tuesday Evening 7:00pm

Join us for Table Talk where we will break bread and dig into the rich word of God and how it lives in our everyday lives.  All are welcome!

Team Dynamite

Every Saturday @ 1:00pm

Team Dynamite is a dynamic group that is continuously on fire for God!  We strive to make a difference by being the difference first.  This group is comprised of people who have the desire to learn more about God, his miracles, and the wonders that he continues to do in our daily lives.  Couples, young people, and those who are also already saved and want to continue to learn more about His word are welcome!

Our meet-ups will be held at people’s homes, but we’ll also have sessions at restaurants, bowling alleys, and even movie theaters.

4 The Love of You

Every Tuesday @ 5:00pm

“4 The Love of You” is a group that will connect in fun and meaningful ways to practice what we preach in a comfortable environment and grow as Christians.

Full Circle/Bridge the Gap

Every Wednesday Evening 7:30pm

We are a group of Christians who “Love God, Love People, and are Changing the World!”  We are coming together to form meaningful relationships, having discussions, expressing our thoughts and concerns about life and what is happening in our world.

All are welcome so bring a friend, co-worker, or family member as we strengthen each other in the faith and impact those around us in the community.

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